Latest Mehndi designs 2015 and culture

Latest Mehndi designs 2015 and culture

Mehndi designs are not present trend it is a traditional one and it is from the years ago. This trend is still existing till today from our ancestors. Mehndi is usually a culture for many people, for some people it is fashion, now a days applying mehendi is becoming a part of their trend. If you see in the functions or marriages or for no reason also girls are applying different style of Mehendi designs on their arms, hands or on their legs. Actually it was there for wedding time, both bride and bridegroom will be having Mehndi designs on their arms and it is the symbol of the wedding too. Yeah usually men wouldn’t prefer to put Mehndi but at the time of wedding in some of the religion they do put this kind of Mehndi designs for Men too. 

What is Mehndi   

Mehendi – Lawsonia inermis is the word, and also it is called Henna. The leaves of from the herb tree. Henna is the common word for the paste which is used to design – Mehendi. This henna tree is a common tree in all over the village as well in the Urban places. In rural areas they just pluck the leaves paste it and put Mehendi and in the cities what they do is they buy the powder which made by dry leaves (wherever not available). Well girls makes lot of fun with this Mehendi there is a saying that “if the Mehendi turns dark red / light brown color then girls get a lovable husband “ yeah this is the saying and do they make lot of fun with this designs. 

Mehndi and creativity

Mehendi is symbol of the culture as I said before and it is also creativity. Mehendi will be applied on hands, palms, legs to explore one’s beauty. There are many types of Mehendi ie., Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthani and South India is having a different type of Mehendi designs. Arabic Mehendi is more popular now a day. Indian Mehendi designs have its own important. There are simple designs in Indian style of Mehendi. 

In recent years there is another trend is going on, ie conducting competition among the students in the schools and colleges. It is like giving opportunity to the students to show their talent on the creativity.

You can also go through this video which we have given below for more Latest Mehndi designs 2015


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